Meet the Party

Five individuals from Faerun in the Forgotten Realms find themselves pulled separately from their homelands on the same night, and deposited in a strange valley none of them has ever heard of before.

Hezekiah, the halfling warlock (N), was a ne’er do well charlatan seeking to work as little as he could for as much profit as possible before he caught the attention of a Great Old One.  Now, for better or for worse, he’s got a pact, and the powers that come with it.  But at what cost?  Since he read that book and made his deal, strange things have been happening.  He’s attracted the attention of Someone Else, or Something Else.  After going to bed in an inn one night, he wakes up in the middle of the night, sure he heard someone outside asking him to “Let me in.”.  He ignores the voice, sure it was just a dream, and rolls over, going back to sleep.  When he wakes, he’s using his pack for a pillow in the middle of a village street, nowhere near the inn or even the city where he fell asleep.  Hezekiah is played by Jonah.

Zib, is a gnome bard (CN) who started life on the streets of Waterdeep as an urchin, and recently found himself running from a murder scene (and a horde of bloodthirsty house cats) when he agrees to help out the wrong local with a simple burglary of an estate outside of Waterdeep.  The old lady who lives in the mansion ends up dead at the hands of Zib’s partner.  When the dead woman’s hundreds of cats enact a bloody revenge on the murderer, Zib flees for his life out into the foggy night.  When he stops running, the fog lifts, and he’s not on the Sword Coast, anymore.  Zib is played by Paul and is short for some name I can’t remember (will update when I get his character sheet).

Zivago, a human fighter (CG), was a former soldier living off back pay from the last campaign.  He wakes up one morning, with the watch knocking on his door to arrest him for a murder he doesn’t remember committing.  But his cloak was at the murder scene, a blood trail lead directly to his room at a boarding house, and he’s covered in the victim’s blood.  Convicted on the spot by the local magistrate, he’s on the way to the gallows one misty pre-dawn morning when a mysterious gypsy frees him, leaving him a pack containing his armor and weapons before disappearing into the fog.  As Zivago runs into the woods to escape the guards, the mist closes in, and when it recedes, he’s in a completely different set of woods.  Zivago is played by Perry.

Baron, a human cleric (CG), is a born-again humanist after living for years as a hermit.  He has recently found his calling to live his life as a protector of the defenseless.  He believes his spark of the divine comes from within, while clerics of other faiths tell him “You may not believe in the gods, but one of them obviously believes in you.”  He takes up his staff and shield and set out to make a difference in the world.  Just days later, a strange gypsy walks into a tavern and hands him a letter…a plea for help from one Kolyan Indirovich, Burgomaster of Barovia.  Accepting the invitation, he departs the inn the next morning, walking west into a misty wooded path, and arriving at the gates of Barovia.  Baron is played by Vic.

Devlin, a half-elf ranger (CN) lived the life of an outlander, making money as a guide, trapper, and bounty hunter.  While pursuing a bounty on some nameless villain through a dark woods at night, he ran into something big, fast, and mean.  As heavy mist rolled in, this unseen creature opened this throat before he even got a look at it.  His eyesight faded to black, and his last thought was “I’m dead”.  He wakes up outside a church in a strange village.  His tunic is covered in drying blood from neck to waist, but his throat is whole, with no scars.  Devlin is played by Sarah.

Once I have scanned character sheets from everyone, I’ll create some links to the those from the character descriptions here.

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