Goodbye to one…

Spoiler Warning:
From this point forward in the narrative, things are going to start spoiling Curse of Strahd, and its intro adventure Death House for those playing in these games at other tables.  Please don’t read this if you’re a player who’s at a table with a DM that prefers for their players to not know the story.   My game will have several minor plot-points changed, and I will be randomly generating the Tarokka fortunes, but there will still be plenty of plot spoiling occurring.  The same also applies to those who would rather not have the story spoiled for them.

A Strange Exit

The first of those waking in the common room above the Blood of the Vine notice that the cleric, Baron, has departed in the night, leaving both the false letter he had received inviting him to this land,


as well as a short note scrawled on a piece of parchment reading


He’s just gone.  No one remembers hearing the heavily-armored bearded giant so much as stir the night before, but he’s gone.  No one’s sure if the note’s legit or even from Baron, as no one has another sample of his handwriting.

Our player Vic had to de-commit due to scheduling conflicts with his work and sleep, so I cooked up a mysterious little, in-theme exit for Baron.  I think it worked to up the “creep” factor, while leaving possibility for the character to return at some point (remember, “Baron” was only there with them for a few hours, and no one actually saw him cast any protection or divine magic, and he claimed to get his power from some strange internal light switch completely unrelated to how others saw “the gods”.  Who was this dude?  



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