Cast of NPCs

Count Strahd von Zarovich – The vampire ruler of the land of Barovia. He has not yet been encountered in his true form, but the party suspects they met him their first night at the Blood of the Vine tavern disguised as Ismark Kolyanovich.  Apparently he is behind most of the characters mysterious arrival to this land but to what end?  The Vistani, Madam Eva prophesied that his defeat is the key to the characters finding their way home again.

Ismark Kolyanovich – Son of the deceased Burgomaster of the village of Barovia, and now Burgomaster in his own right.  Ismark is a fair and just man, and kind to his adopted sister Ireena.  Madam Eva has indicated that his fate and the party’s are tied together, and that he is destined to accompany them in the final battle against Strahd.  But first, his pending nuptials to the daughter of the Boyar of the Graenseskov (border wood) on the east side of the realm is occupying his attention.  Two former PCs, Zivago and Darian accompanied him there to serve as his men-at-arms.

Ireena Kolyana – Adopted daughter of the deceased Burgomaster, and sister to Ismark, Ireena is the current focus of Strahd’s obsession.  Before the party’s arrival in Barovia, he and his wolf minions assaulted the Burgomaster’s mansion regularly, eventually leading to the old man’s heart attack.  Ireena has been charmed and bitten by Strahd on more than one occasion.  Still, she resolves to fight against the monster.  The characters have escorted her to the town of Vallaki, miles to the west of Castle Ravenloft, hoping it would be out of Strahd’s reach.

Rosevalda and Thornvalda Durst – Twin girls appearing about 10 years old, the two were found in a magical stasis within the cursed “Death House” in Barovia village.  They had been there for nearly 200 years!  They have psychic powers and are capable of communicating with each other (and possibly others) telepathically.  The party left them in the care of some of their descendents, Bildrath, merchant of Barovia village and his sister.

Madam Eva – A member of the Vistani, the gypsy-like wandering culture native to Barovia.  She is the greatest seer of this generation, and her Tarokka card readings are always accurate.  The fortune she read for the PCs has already steered them to the Tome of Strahd, the stolen journal of the vampire count, and an encounter with the legendary Dr. Rudolph van Richten, monster hunter.  According to that same reading, two other items of power which combined will be key in defeating Strahd can be found in Castle Ravenloft itself.

Morgantha and her daughters Bella and Offalia – Three old crones met along the road to Vallaki.  They are currently squatting in the old windmill now owned by the Durst daughters by deed.  They sell dream biscuits, seemingly magical pastries that put those who eat them into a trance-like slumber which lasts for hours, in which they live out their fondest fantasies.  When the trance ends, all the eater desires is to re-enter that blissful state.

Baron Vargas Vallakovich – Burgomaster of Vallaki, the baron is a bit mad and megalomaniacal.  He has it in his head that the key to freeing the land from Strahd’s grasp is to make everyone happy, through forced participation in frequent festivals and a town law against “malicious unhappiness”.

Izek Strasni – Sheriff of Vallaki and the baron’s right-hand man.  Ironically, has a fiendish deformed right arm, red-scaled and clawed, with which he is capable of hurling balls of flame.  A brutal man who enforces the Baron’s will and terrifies the townsfolk of Vallaki.  The party has discovered that he has some strange obsession with Ireena Kolyana, and has been ordering dolls created in her likeness by the toymaker, Blinsky.

Lady Fiona Wachter – A noblewoman of Vallaki and rival of Baron Vallakovich.  She is the leader of a resistance group who seeks to overthrow the Baron, which she refers to as her book club.  She has offered the party a small fortune in gold if they can remove Izek Strasni from the equation.

Rictavio (Dr. Rudolph van Richten) – The famed vampire hunter is disguised as a half-elven carnival master.  He entrusted the Tome of Strahd to the party when they helped him escape an incident in Vallaki involving Rictavio’s pet sabretooth tiger.  He has told them of a tower to the west where he will be hiding out and asked them to meet him there.

Luvash – Leader of the Vallaki Vistani camp, he is a large and physical man of dark moods.  He is grateful to the party for saving his daughter Arabella.  Zib sent him an anonymous note blaming Izek Strasni for the kidnapping.

Arrigal – Luvash’s brother.  Quiet and not as physically impressive as Luvash, he still has an aura of danger around him.

Urwin Martikov – Proprietor of the Blue Water Inn of Vallaki, his wife and children live with him.

Davian Martikov – Owner of the Wizard of Wines winery and a wereraven.  His adult children and his daughter’s family live with him.  They are all natural wereravens and oppose Strahd.  Their calling in life is to provide wine to the region, thereby giving the people of Barovia something to help them take their minds off their oppressive living situation.

Kokhed – An outlander barbarian infected with wereraven lycanthropy.  A member of the Martikov’s Keepers of the Feather, he now accompanies  the party in return for the aid they lent in liberating the winery from evil druids and plant creatures.

Esmerelda d’Avenir – Dr. van Richten’s protege.  The party’s introduction to this half-Vistana gunslinger came when an angry pack of werewolves sieged van Richten’s tower after Esmerelda killed the pack leader’s mate.

The Abbot – Likely some sort of supernatural being in human form, the Abbot rarely leaves Saint Markovia’s Abbey on the cliffs above Krezk.  He has not aged in the hundred and fifty years he’s been resident there.  He has transformed several willing villagers into bestial mongrelfolk.  They all appear a little insane, but fiercely loyal to him.  He has created a golem bride for Strahd, and seeks a wedding dress to present her to the count.